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Rightway Environmental are an industry-leading asbestos removal contractor providing a comprehensive package of asbestos removal and remediation services to properties throughout Bristol, the South West and indeed across the whole of the  UK.

Independently licensed by the Health and Safety Executive to carry out the safe removal of hazardous asbestos materials, our team have years of experience in the industry and are committed to delivering the highest quality service.

Domestic, Commercial & Industrial Asbestos Removal

We offer our asbestos removal services to the domestic, commercial and industrial sectors in the UK. From domestic houses to office blocks, schools and factories, our team are experienced in devising solutions for premises of all sizes.

Taking the time to understand the condition of the asbestos present and your specific requirements, particularly in relation to buildings remaining in operation we provide a bespoke service specific to your needs and requirements to ensure minimum disruption to your organisation. The removal of asbestos is conducted by our team of experienced operatives, all of whom are fully qualified and regularly undergo refresher training to ensure the required standards are met in the removal of both licensed and non-licensed asbestos.

No matter what the scale of the project all of our asbestos removal contracts are carried out in strict compliance with the Health and Safety Executive Legislation and approved codes of practice.

To ensure compliance, we also regularly organise audits of our sites. These are undertaken internally by our auditing staff and also by external auditing organisations for independent, unbiased assessments.

Our asbestos removal services include, but are not limited to, removal of  the following asbestos containing materials:

  • Roofs
  • Garages
  • Walls
  • Artex
  • Floor tiles
  • Gutters
  • Pipe lagging

We remove all types of asbestos,  Chrysotile, Crocidolite and Amosite including the rare types , Anthophyllite, Actinolite and Tremolite.

Asbestos Encapsulation

Sometimes removal of asbestos-containing materials (ACMs) isn’t the best management solution and consideration can be given to encapsulation or sealing of the material to ensure it will not readily release fibres.

Providing the asbestos isn’t damaged beyond repair we can make it safe by repairing it. This process involves encapsulation to seal the asbestos and , if necessary , further enclosing it with  various materials such as resins and sheet metal cladding to prevent mechanical damage occurring at some future date. Once encapsulated asbestos warning labels are applied to the material to prevent accidental disturbance.

This option is usually cheaper than full removal, but may not always be possible.

Speak to our team to discuss your circumstances and find out what the best solution is for you.

Asbestos Decontamination

We also offer asbestos decontamination services. If an area has been contaminated with asbestos we can thoroughly clean the area and carry out air monitoring tests subsequently to provide reassurance and proof that the area has been cleansed. Upon completion of any removal or decontamination work we ensure the area affected , equipment and personnel are safely decontaminated.

Asbestos Removal Prices & Quotes

Get in touch with our expert team today to get a bespoke quotation and price for your asbestos removal requirements. Whether you require asbestos removal, encapsulation or decontamination we can offer you the right solution at a competitive price.

Licensed Asbestos Removal Contractor

We are a licensed asbestos removal contractor accredited by a wide range of organisations, including ACAD, Safecontractor and CHAS, allowing our clients to rest assured that they are receiving the highest level of service from a fully experienced and reputable Organisation.

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Management, refurbishment and demolition surveys undertaken
Qualified and experienced surveying operatives
Surveys and reports fully compliant with HSG264



Asbestos management plans
Project management
Asbestos awareness training

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